Frequently Asked Questions


If you are unable to log in?

If you are unable to log in simply click on "Forgot your password" link. If you still experience problems in log in. Email us at we will be happy to provide you updated credentials.


How videos

In how videos section you can easily learn fotobogshop designer program. Learn to create front and back covers, chapters and pages layout for high quality printing.

Also on individual sections you can learn more about designing a photo book.


Stay up to date with our YOUTUBE channel for more videos


Certainly you can find most of your questions answers in FAQ section. Still if you have any particular question for photo book designing you are welcome to ask us.


What kind of images extensions can I upload on

You can upload common type of images extensions as *.jpg, *.jpeg *.png and *.gif


Can I use pdf file format in uploading as picture?

You cannot use pdf files in uploading as picture.


I cannot design my photo book?

Probably, this can be the reason of a slow internet connection. Try again with a good Internet connection. Furthermore internet connection error will come.


Can I use low quality pictures?

You can use all qualities of images but real time printing will be blur. Good rule of thumb is to use high quality images. You can determine high quality of image as 500 kb per picture.


What shape of a picture I should use?

You can use any shape of picture and later can adjust with our designer crop function.


Do you make corrections before final print?

Once you've completed the photo book design we will make corrections where possible before final printing.


Can I use paper photo?

You can use paper photo by a high quality scan. Remember to save it in .jpg format.


Can I make any picture black and white?

Certainly, you can make your picture in black and white with our designer program or you can write instruction to make the picture black and while.


Can I upload icons and designed arts?

Yes you can upload them remember to upload them in accepted file formats as *.jpg, *.jpeg *.png and *.gif.


Which browsers do you support?

Our website supports all desktop browsers.


Is it possible to reorder an order?

Yes. You can order an order under My Account - Your Orders - Order Again.


How do I know if you received my order?

Immediately after you submit your order, you will receive an order confirmation by email, in which you will also find your order number.

If you do not receive an order confirmation by mail, please contact .


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order but once it is in production you cannot.


Can I just complete parts of my order?

Yes you can, you need to logged in first and continue your online project.

You should remove the photo book which you do not want to order under MY ONLINE PROJECTS



How do I pay?

Normally, students design their photo books and their parents or school pays online for the photo books.


Which credit cards can be used?

Dankort, VISA / Dankort, MasterCard, Visa Electron and other international credit cards can be used.


Is online transaction secured?

Our priority of security at is very important and we take every step for secure, easy and painless payment.




What is the shipping cost?


When will be my photo book shipped?

We will instantly ship your photo book once it is proof read and payment receipt is confirmed.


Can I track my photo book?

Yes you can. Once your order is completed you will receive track code to trace your photo book parcel.


Can I use fotobogshop in my native language?

Yes you can. It is developed in English/ Danish.


Can I create a photo product on smart phone/ tablet?

Full version of fotobogshop designer program requires desktop browsers. For smart phones it still works with minimum features.


My photo book design is completed. What do I do next?

Next step is to complete payment. Then your files will automatically transferred to our production servers.


Can I change photo book size?

Currently it is set to one size as 244 X177 mm outer and 240 X 170 mm inner.




How can I undo or redo a task that was wrong?

You can click on "X" icon to delete the element and again upload a correct one.


How can I rotate an image or text?

You can click on “Rotate” toggle to suit your angle for Images.

You can click on “Rotate” toggle to suit your angle for Text.


Why does my image become blurry in designer program?

Our designer program compresses the image for fast loading but on backend pdf file we get it as same high quality.


Can I re-arrange images in my online Photo book project?

Yes you can, simply you can delete the images and insert the new ones.


How can I add pictures to my online project?

You can add as many images as you like simply click on images "Upload" button.


Can I change my back ground colour?

You cannot change background colour for now currently, it is set to white only.


Where can I learn each designer functions?

For each designer functions, please see videos for demonstrations.


Can I copy existing project to another project?

Unfortunately no, currently this is not possible.


What should I do if I get "Low quality image error"?

Check with Preview button and see the image quality. If it does not look good then use high quality images.


How can I create a new photo book project?

You can create as many online photo book projects as you want. Every project will be saved and you can continue later on every project.


In the left hand side panel use images uploads. In top section format Text and in the bottom use templates for Cover page, Chapters and pages.

Once you have completed a design process click "Next" button to save your project and proceed to payment.


Can I delete my existing project?

Yes you can delete or rename your existing projects.

Click on Photobook Designer step-by-step tutorial.


Where can I find my exiting photo book projects?

Log in to and click on "My account". Then "MY ONLINE PHOTO BOOK PROJECTS" will appear and you can manage all of your photo book projects.


If I've not completed my photo book project can I finish the project later on?

Yes you can. Before exiting the make sure to add it to "Add to project". Once you return to us you can access to your undone photo book projects.


How can I proof read my photo book?

You can click on "Preview" button to generate your photo book pages as PNG format. If you need anything to change you can edit your project and re generate PNG previews for your photo books.


Can I open multiple project at one time?

Unfortunately no, you can only open one instance at a time.


How does page layout works?

You can use page layout template from bottom. If you click on Next slide then the clicked layout template will work. To change new template be sure to select a new one from bottom otherwise selected one will remain active.


Can I add a backgrounds to a photo book page?

Yes you can. Make sure they are on acceptable file formats as *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif and *.png.


How can I recover my username/login ID?

If you are unable to receive your credentials through "Forgot your password?" Please write us we will be happy to send you.


How can I add text on a Photobook spine?

You can add text to photo book spine with vertical position by using the function "Vertical text".


Can I add more pages to my photo book project?

Currently you cannot add more pages. If you have more pages you can start a new project and can use those pages and in text you can provide us instructions.


Can I submit a PDF file for printing?

It is possible only for final print and you can send the file on contact us page. Remember it is not for the proof read process.


How do I deal with login loop?

It can be done by clearing your browser cache.


If I do not remember anything for my login what should I do?

If you have forgotten user name and password email us your name and mobile number we will find these and send you your login credentials.


How can I complete my order?

You can complete your order in three simple steps:

1) Complete your design

2) Save your photo book project

3) Follow checkout steps.


How can I reorder my photo book?

You can simply re order from your saved online photo book projects.


Can include a printed invoice at the time of delivery?

We normally email invoices at the time of order. You can instruct us to send you a printed invoice.


How can I find my order reference number?

An order reference number is sent in email. Also you can find order number/ details from your account.


Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately No, when an order is sent to production it is not possible.


Can I order multiple Photo books at once?

For bulk order placement please contact us.


Can I share my photo book online on social media?

Yes you can.


Are my images, text and other data secured in fotobogshop server?

Yes, these are secured. We use SSL encryption with https.


How can I subscribe your newsletter?

You can subscribe our newsletters by providing us your email.


How can I find prices for additional pages?

Pricing is fixed for certain pages.

For additional pages click on this link.


Can I transfer my one photo book to another photo book?

Unfortunately No, You can re-design cover, chapters and pages.


Do you have spell check tool in your designer program?

No, we suggest you to proof read your text before placing it in our designer program.


Does fotobogshop support multiple languages?

Currently, we only support Danish and English.


Can I order my photo book less than set number of pages?

You can place order but those empty unutilized pages will be treated as blank printed pages.

Remember there are minimum number of pages required to print a photo book.


Can I email/ upload my images and text instead of designing through designer program?

Unfortunately No, We need to convert files and text before it reaches to our production. You can upload your images and write text in an easy way online.


What are the trimmed areas in designer program?

These are the bleeding/trimming areas which is removed during printing the photo book.


Do you provide custom design in photo book?

No. We only allow customers to enjoy with our design program for customisations and ordering.


Which color profile do you use for photo book printing?

We use US SWOP V2 (Web-Coated) as our CMYK profile


What should be the recommended resolution for images in template boxes?

We recommended you to use images from 150dpi to 300DPI.

Use RGB formats


Can I use scanned photos in my photo book project?

Yes you can.