Our photo book designer program transforms your creativity in to a beautiful photo book.

This program offers easy to use tools for covers, chapters and pages. Download your soft copy and complete order for a high quality printing.


1-Click from menu "DESIGN YOUR PHOTO BOOK"

Select your photo book and click on "Design Photobook"

Now you are on fotobogshop.dk you can design photo book’s cover, chapters and pages.


2-Upload your photos

Click on "upload" button on left side. You can either upload all of your photos at once or you can upload page by page.

When all of your pictures are uploaded you may then drag and drop on photo book pages and templates.

Remember large images with good DPI will result in good print quality.


3-Insert photos

Insert photos as cover, chapters and pages. There are template sections for images and text positions.

You can insert picture as background or photo book picture and with the use of front and back functions you can choose pictures.


4-Delete, Bring front, Bring back and rotate photo and text.

Use these functions to place photos and texts in designing photo book.



Clicking on this icon will remove photo or text from the photo book.

Bring Front:

Clicking on this icon will bring photo /text in front of another one.

Bring Back:

Clicking on this icon will bring photo /text in back of another one.

Rotate photo/Text:

Click on Rotate button to suit desired angle. Moreover rotate options appear on right side.


Clicking on this icon will bring popup to flawlessly frame the photo by dragging.

See How video


4-Layout templates

Select specific layout template to design cover, chapter and pages.

Blank layout:

Switch to this blank layout template whenever you desire to place photo/text anywhere.

Cover front - Spine – Back:

Template to design entire cover on a single sheet as front cover + Spine + Back cover.

Chapter layout:

You can select a new chapter layout as a new topic for a specific set of pages.

Page layout:

You can select from a range of different layouts for pages.

Remember your specific layout and drag your photo to shape up the full page.


Fill in photo box

Drag and drop your photos in to boxes of templates.

Use crop and other functions to fully fit.

See How video



5-Change page, template

You must design every page with a selected template.

Click on a preferred layout. You can select preferred picture size.

Templates will give you ease and fun designing your photo book

See How video



Create cover and first chapter and pages (with preferred templates) then second chapter and so on.

See How video


7-Insert text

Add text to your photo book pages to add story on pages.

You can either add text on given templates area or anywhere.

Fotobogshop's designer displays different fonts and styling options.

Remember to add text story on page where you like

Font size can be increased/decreased by drag arrow icon.

See how video


8-Download preview

Customer can download preview for cover, chapters and pages in PNG file formats

See How video



When you have completed photo book design. Then you can save your photo book project online at our server.

Click on "Add to cart" button then steps come to finalise payment for the order.


Remember to login or create a new user.

See How Video


10-Make payment

Click on "Continue checkout"

Steps to complete the payment process


               You can see a preview of all the photo book pages

               You have the option to download the photo book

Sign in:



               Please insert or check for correct delivery address.

               Please check billing address.



               Confirm shipping addresses

               Confirm billing addresses              


               Select for payment method.


Add to online photo book project:


Here you can create New project and can save photo book under your project name



You may need 30-45 minutes approximately to upload all of your photos

IMPORTANT: Once your design file is uploaded and completed we do not accept responsibility of the proofs of the photo book. Please make sure for errors.

Make sure that all sections of the photo book are filled either with photos or images before ordering.


Start designing your photo book now!